Kali Instructor

Instructor Roger Sanchez

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Instructor Tactical Arts Academy


Student in Shotokan karate for 8 years.  Awarded 2nd degree black belt in 2001.  Taught karate (children's class) for 5 years out of those 8.

Started training Kali at the Tactical Arts Academy in 2006.

Does CrossFit.

Computer Science major at UT Austin.

Software Developer/QA Lead at Allure Energy.

From Roger

I love to find the connections between both martial arts, Kali and Karate, and use experiences from both paths of training to find better ways to teach people the material when they can not grasp a concept. I like to disassemble the "solid" foundational work found in karate and similar martial arts and like replacing it with the more "fluid" motions found in Kali as needed to help people transition.