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Making it Live - How to Get Results when Learning Filipino Kali - Part 3


This article is part three in a series of articles focused on getting results when learning to apply the Filipino martial arts. If you have not already read part one and part two, please read those first to get the most out of this article. Each article addresses a different stage in the learning process. Part one was focused on stage one, developing the right mechanics in order to lay the foundation required for future training. Part two outlined a process for developing reaction with simple exercises. This article continues with a continuation of the the progression started in stage two, then progresses to stage three, which involves more open-ended exercises and live training with a resisting partner. STAGE 2 Continued - Advanced Reaction Training Once you have mastered the re...

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Filipino Kali Stick Sparring - Sparring Drills and Methods


Training for Results Sparring can serve as bridge from your technical drills to realistic application or to competition. Whether you are training to apply Kali for self defense or for a fighting competition, the right sparring drills will give you the perspective you need to be successful. Rather than taking a leap of faith from the flow drills we practice with partners to a real life application, we can use a series of objective oriented drills to prepare for the unscripted application of our techniques. Sparring Preparation Drills and Training Objectives You must have objectives to get best results from your training. This is especially true with sparring. If you know what you want to improve, then you can train appropriately to make those improvements. Sparring without objectives c...

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Filipino Kali Stick Sparring - Sparring Preparation

Sparring Preparation

  At some point in the development of your Kali, Arnis, Escrima training, you are going to learn to spar. If you train right, you will be ready. Sparring is a useful training tool that will allow you to test and develop your skills. It will help you learn where your weaknesses are, and it will provide you with an environment in which you can try out new techniques. In the words of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, “It is your laboratory. It is where you experiment." Sparring will help you learn to perform your skills against someone who is not fully cooperating. This can be a real eye opening experience. The first time you spar, you really learn to appreciate the speed and timing it takes to apply the techniques you are practicing. When your opponent does not feed you like any of the drills ...

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