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Violent Knife Crime and Victims of Knife Attacks

Violent Knife Crime and Victims of Knife Attacks

Knife assaults occur in a variety of circumstances and have a wide variety of victims.  Knowing more about situations that lead to knife attacks will help you better understand who and how you need to train for self defense.   Who are the Victims?   It can happen to anyone from anyone. There appears to no combination of personal relationships in knife related crimes that does not make the news.  Kids as young as age six are attacking others in school and in their homes.  Kids are stabbing parents.  Parents are stabbing children.  Siblings are stabbing each other.  Husbands are stabbing wives.  Wives are stabbing husbands.  Friends are stabbing friends.  And, of course, strangers are stabbing each other.  Threats range from those y...

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