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Mobility - T-Spine Smash Extension

Mobility - T-Spine Smash Extension

With the great demands we put on our bodies in training, we all need to do some maintenance.  We plan to start regularly posting mobility work for you to incorporate into your mobility and recovery toolbox.  Try the posted exercise several times each week to see how it works, then come back to it when you need it in the future.

Test and Re-test: Before you do any mobility exercise, test a relevant position to determine your range of motion (ROM).  After you do the mobility work, test the same position again to see if you made any progress.  If you did not make any progress you either didn't do it long enough or you don't need it.  One minute is the minimum amount of time you should use for the exercise below.  Really, you should keep going until you feel a change.

T-Spine Smash Extension

IMPROVES: Normal Posture, Overhead Positioning, Stable Shoulder Position, Thoracic Extension

TEST: First test your overhead position in either a shoulder press or an overhead squat.


1. Hug your arms around your chest as far as you can reach to open up your back.  Position the foam roller at the bottom of your ribcage.


2. Tighten your upper back and arch back over the roller.  Stay here until you feel a change.


3. To change the position of the roller, situp as if you are doing a crunch and scoot your butt towards your feet.


4. Reposition the roller further up your back, lean back, and repeat creating as much extension as possible.


5. Using the same procedure as above, work your way up your back to the base of your neck.  You can tighten your butt and raise your hips up to create additional extension over the roller.


RE-TEST: Test your overhead position again in either a shoulder press or an overhead squat. 

How was it?  Let me know in the comments below after you try this exercise.


Credit: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett

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