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Mobility - Bilateral Shoulder Flexion

Mobility - Bilateral Shoulder Flexion

This week's mobility work will focus on the external rotators to help your overhead positioning and your bench press or pushup.  You can do the following exercise using a box or on the ground.


Bilateral Shoulder Flexion

IMPROVES: Overhead Positioning, Bench Press / Pushup, External Rotation Torque, Front Rack Position

TEST: First test your overhead position in an overhead squat or test your front rack position.


1. Holding a pvc pipe, kneel in front of a box with your elbows next to each other and your hands rotated externally (outward).


2. Rotate the pipe and spread your hands apart until you reach the end range of your external rotation.  Do this on both sides.  You must keep your elbows in close to create the necessary torque for this stretch.


3. Next, return to the middle position.  Then, with your shoulders wound up tight from the position of your elbows in and your hands rotated outward, push your body back and lower it to feel the stretch.  Hold this position until you feel a change.



This exercise will help the soft tissue of the lat as well as focus external rotation within your shoulder.  You can make it even more effective by using a few rounds of the contract / relax technique - Contract the muscles of your shoulder and back while you count to 5, then relax deeper into the stretch.  Do this for 4-5 rounds.

If you have trouble keeping your elbows together, double over a band into 3 small loops.  Put that around your elbows.

RE-TEST: Test your position again.

How was it?  Let me know in the comments below after you try this exercise.


Credit: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett

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