Insights and Training Tips from Tactical Arts


Insights from the Tactical Arts Academy

How to be Relentless when Fighting for your Goals


In a recent article, I discussed the Resistance, an unseen, insidious guerrilla force determined to stop you from reaching your goals. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to fight it. The Resistance is a tough opponent. The Resistance fights dirty. It will use anything to undermine you. Because of this, you must cultivate powerful weapons to defeat it. When fighting the resistance, you must be persistent. You must fight every attack no matter how big or small. Even if you take a hit, you have to continue. You have to keep bearing down. You have to put everything into it whether you think you will win or lose. You cannot let the Resistance get away with anything. You must be relentless. You must be relentless when fighting for your goals. This means you must be unyielding and ...

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Life is War. How to Fight Back and Reach your Goals.


If training were simply a matter of doing the right drills and exercises, everyone would be a badass. But it’s not just physical, it’s mental. If your mind is not already strong, then consistantly following the steps it takes to reach your goals is hard. You find seemingly legitimate reasons to postpone, skip, or even give up on the actions you must take.  Most of us end up fighting our thoughts, and in doing so, sabotage our dreams. A closer look at what’s going on inside your mind will help you take action and learn to fight for your goals. The Resistance The world is out to kill you. No, you’re not paranoid. It’s true. You reach for high goals, but life fights unfairly. You were supposed to workout, but something came up at work. You want to train, but your shoulder is hurting agai...

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Create Distance and Shoot? Using your gun effectively at close range.

Create Distance and Shoot? Using your gun effectively at close range.

Create Distance and Shoot? Using your gun effectively at close range. Why following a conventional self defense response can get you killed   Conventional responses to threats   In a violent encounter, there are several basic tactics that will give you an advantage.  One is changing the angle of your position relative to your attacker.  This includes getting to the side or back of your attacker or getting more dominant grappling position where he has fewer options.   Another is using stuns to disrupt the attacker’s ability to observe, think and act.  Yet another, is creating distance between you and your attacker.  These are all sound tactics, but if default to them all the time, you may be setting yourself up for failure.  This is especially tr...

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