Insights and Training Tips from Tactical Arts


Insights from the Tactical Arts Academy

Indonesian Martial Arts Class Intro Video - Leg Breaks and Controls

Check out this short video of training that we have been doing recently at the Tactical Arts Academy. In the video, you will see a few leg breaks and control techniques from our Indonesian martial arts class. The series is from Harimau found in Pencak Silat Mande Muda.  Included are a few basic tips for applying the techniques.   If you are interested in learning more about Indonesian Martial Arts, consider joining the Tactical Arts Academy Indonesian Martial Arts Program. Training includes learning a variety of take-downs, locks, controls, and breaks. Click the button below to learn more about the program and sign up for a free visit. You’ll learn more about Tactical Arts, you’ll have the opportunity to watch our classes in action, and you’ll discover if our training is right fo...
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Leg Breaking the Dumog Way

Leg Breaking the Dumog Way
Robert changes position on the ground for a knee break. In our recent Dumog Pangamut training, we are getting deeper into the counter and recounter tactics used with our Pekiti Tirsia leg breaking techniques, sometimes known as M.T.D. - muscle tendon destruction.  M.T.D. is a system of techniques and tactics that can be used as a primary attack or in support of high line attacks.  This includes both armed and unarmed situations.  Our current training is designed to establish familiarity with the options and a solid understanding of the proper positioning for application. First, an understanding of the critical entry points is established, then we train a series of transitions in order to move without hesitation from one position to the next position needed for a technique.&n...
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Harimau Silat Training 3-1-14

Harimau Silat Training 3-1-14
This week, the Silat class expanded on Harimau counters to kicks, practicing a variety of finishes involving leg locks and breaks.   John applies a kneeling knee break Zach ties up Derek's leg for a leg break Derek locks Johns legs to prepare for a twisting leg break Matthew tangles John's legs to set him up for a finish Derrick performs a Harimau takedown in response to John's front snap kick  

Harimau Silat Training 2-12-14

Harimau Silat Training 2-12-14
  This week, the Silat class began a new Harimau module focused on countering kicks and disabling the opponent's legs.   Derek passes Zach's front snap kick to dive below him and break his knee with another kick Adrianne takes Bob to the ground by locking out his leg after a kick. Zain catches Derek's kick and throws him to the ground by torquing his knee Zach slides to the ground to deliver a low shin kick to Derek's knee Bob kicks out Adrianne's knee after avioding her attack Zach twists Williams leg at the knee to pull him off balance