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Insights from the Tactical Arts Academy

Why not just punch him in the face?

Why not just punch him in the face?

You may feel like punching him will solve the problem, but it could end up killing you.  

In our self defense systems, we avoid punching for two reasons.

One reason is that it is really easy to break your hand by punching someone.  It is pretty common for boxers to break their hands, even when they are wearing gloves and have been trained to punch properly.  You are likely to hurt your hand or wrist if you punch someone without any hand protection.  

Most people focus on training to punch the head, especially the face.  The problem is the human skull is really hard.  While punching a softer part of the body may be ok, the head is problematic.  If you break your hand, you may not be able to strike again, control your attacker, hold a weapon or pull a trigger.  You may be able to fight through the pain and continue to use your broken hand, but it simply may not function depending on the injury.  What if there is more than one attacker?  You can’t afford to injure yourself in that way, even if you do stop the first attacker.

The second reason is even more serious.  You may kill yourself.  If you punch someone in the face, you could easily cut your knuckles on your attacker’s teeth.  You may draw back a bloody hand and a blood born pathogen.  In my younger days, I’ve seen shirtless rednecks fight multiple attackers, flooring some of them with only a single punch.  They were revered because of their punching prowess and knocking power.  Many of them had scars on their knuckles where their opponent’s teeth had been embedded.  Though the one hit knockout is great, it’s not worth becoming blood brothers with your enemies and dying from their diseases.

Though a punch can be used to effectively stun someone, we prefer using elbow strikes, hacks, slaps and gouging techniques instead.  With these strikes, we are less likely to injure our hands so badly that they will be out of the fight, and we can keep our blood tests clean.  Stay safe.

If you want some help training striking and other essentials of self-defense, consider joining the Tactical Arts Filipino Martial Arts Program. Not only can we can help you in class with effective striking skills, but we can also train you to use and protect yourself against weapons.

Click the button below to learn more about our program and sign up for a free visit.  You’ll learn more about Tactical Arts, you’ll have the opportunity to watch our classes in action, and you’ll discover if our training is right for you.



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