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Mobility - Work you can do on the Couch

Mobility - Work you can do on the Couch


Originally developed by using the couch for easy positioning, this exercise is very effective for opening the hip and front of the quads, but it can be screaming painful.  If you can't get into the final position for this mobilization, you need to be doing it regularly.

Couch Hip Opener

IMPROVES: Hip Extension, Low Back and Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Normal Posture, Top Position of Deadlift and Squat

TEST: First test your squat or deadlift pulling position.


1. Back up your feet to a box or a wall.


2. Slide your right leg up so that your shin is flush with the wall.


3. Squeeze your butt to stabilize your lower back, then post your left foot up in a so that your left shin is vertical.


4. Still squeezing your right glute, drive your hips towards the ground.  Stay in this position pushing gently in and out of your full range of motion.


5. After some time in the previous position, lift your torso into an upright position


If you have trouble posting your leg up (see step 3), you can place something in front of you to help you stabilize. It's better to do this and keep your shin against the wall, than it is to pull away from it to compensate for your tight hips and quads.


Be sure to repeat steps 1-5 with your other leg.

In addition to oscillating in and out of each position of tension, you can make this exercise even more effective by using a few rounds of the contract / relax technique - Contract your glutes and legs while you count to 5, then relax deeper into the stretch.  Do this for 4-5 rounds.

RE-TEST: Test your squat or deadlift pulling position again.

How was it?  Let me know in the comments below after you try this exercise. 


Credit: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett

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