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Leg Breaking the Dumog Way

Leg Breaking the Dumog Way

Robert changes position on the ground for a knee break.

In our recent Dumog Pangamut training, we are getting deeper into the counter and recounter tactics used with our Pekiti Tirsia leg breaking techniques, sometimes known as M.T.D. - muscle tendon destruction. 

M.T.D. is a system of techniques and tactics that can be used as a primary attack or in support of high line attacks.  This includes both armed and unarmed situations.  Our current training is designed to establish familiarity with the options and a solid understanding of the proper positioning for application.

First, an understanding of the critical entry points is established, then we train a series of transitions in order to move without hesitation from one position to the next position needed for a technique.  The transitions we practice do not just follow a linear flow, they are combined in multiple sequences to allow us the freedom to adapt to the movements of the opponent.  Practicing these transitions prepares us for immediate action when a technique fails or the position of the opponent changes before an entry is complete.

Robert enters for a sitting knee break.

Robert transitions to a scissors takedown behind the knee.

Finally, Robert switches to a scissors knee break against the knee.


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