Insights and Training Tips from Tactical Arts


Zach Champlin is an intern and student of Silat and Kali at the Tactical Arts Academy.

Harimau Silat Training 6-23-14

Harimau Silat Training 6-23-14
  This week, the Silat class practiced Putar Kepala takedowns with shoulder and elbow break finishes using Harimau.   Derek traps Travis for a shoulder break finish   Roberto traps both of Derek's arms in a shoulder break. Stop moving Derek!   Zach catches Travis's arm and stretches for a possible pec tear   Adrianne pins Bob's arms and prepares for an elbow break Matthew twists to break Travis' elbow      
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Mobility - Super Front Rack

Mobility - Super Front Rack
This exercise will aid in improving overhead position and the front rack position. You can perform the exercise using a moderate resistance band tied off at about knee level. IMPROVES: Overhead positioning and front rack positioning TEST: Gauge your shoulder flexibility by racking the bar in preparation for a front squat EXERCISE:   1. Loop your hand through the resistance band and grip both strands to ensure a solid handle.   2. Rotate your hand palm up. As you turn your back towards the band, step forward and rotate the shoulder outward. 3. Maintaining the hand position, begin to rotate the shoulder beneath the band and stand upright to increase tension in the shoulder. Try to create a straight line from the bicep down to the lower back. 4. Leaning forward with your weight, inc...
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Kali Class Update 11-20-13

Kali Class Update 11-20-13
This week, the Yakan Isa group in the Kali class finished the series of drills from the "Dakup y Puño" system, a.k.a. stick tapping.   Martin and Ricardo practice the low line attack and counter using umbrella 3 Tony and Norma prepare to thrust, begining the drill. James explains body mechanics to Kei and Zach. Martin prepares to catch (tap) Ricardo's weapon hand, just after deflecting Ricardo's thrust.  
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Harimau Silat Training 11-20-13

Harimau Silat Training 11-20-13
This week, the Pencak Silat class continued to review and practice the Harimau (Tiger form) subsystem.   Class was focused primarily on building speed and cultivating a natural and automatic reaction when attacked. Our conditioning involved responding to a timed starter buzzer; countering an attacker and setting up for a takedown within a small window of time.   Derek demonstrates a two handed Harimau leg sweep from a low stance   Janelle parries strikes from a kneeling Harimau position   Derek performs a revolving Harimau leg sweep from a kneeling Harimau stance   Zach performs a revolving Harimau leg sweep from a kneeling Harimau stance
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Mobility - Overhead External Rotation Bias

Mobility - Overhead External Rotation Bias
This exercise will aid in improving overhead position and the shoulder's external rotation in torque. You can perform the exercise using a suspended resistance band. IMPROVES: Overhead positioning, external rotation, shoulder torque capacity in a barbell push press TEST: Gauge your shoulder flexibility with an unloaded push press or test with a belt/resistance band assisted posture clasp stretch on each arm. EXERCISE: 1. Loop your arm through the suspended band, placing the band just under the elbow on the lower end of the tricep. 2. Keeping the band taut, bend your primary arm and clasp the band. Engage your torso to help maintain a stable midsection. 3. Increase the muscular tension by grabbing the elbow of your primary arm with your free hand, gently pulling it toward your head while st...
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